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Evionica’s Aviation Training

If theory, exam practice, or familiarization training is what you need, you can find it all at the click of a button or swipe of a finger in our e-learning courses. If it’s practical training you are looking for with an easy way to keep track of your progress, check out your flight plans, and recap on theory, you can get it all with our Best Pilot app. Aviation training by Evionica - one place and one answer to your complex and comprehensive needs.

Pathway Pilot

The theory is so practical with our interactive, engaging PPL, N-VFR, ATPL, MEP(L), A-UPRT, CRM, JOC, and other theoretical e-learning courses. Our type rating CBT courses bring the Diamond, Cessna, Tecnam, Airbus, and Boeing to life. Our Flight Management Training Software (Best Pilot) supports all your training needs, keeping you organized and compliant. The pathway to becoming a pilot was once a maze, but with Evionica, it's amazingly simple.


There is no shortage of aviation training tools today, so what is it that makes Evionica the go-to destination and the right choice for so many airlines, flight schools, heads of training and students worldwide? Find out about some of the benefits and features by selecting your role below:

Why Evionica’s Aviation Training?

Why is Aviation Training by Evionica the primary choice among airlines, ATOs, instructors and learners worldwide? Find out why by selecting your role below:

Head of Training
  • Improve logistical operations without compromising quality through distance learning tools
  • Customised solutions to standardize flight school operations. Evionica is the one provider that provides EASA and FAA compliant training courses, record and data management tools to improve efficiency across all operations
  • Enhance your reputation and boost your brand by delivering modern solutions to meet the needs of students today
  • Cut time, cut costs, and cut your use of paper-based resources with the Best Pilot app and our tried, tested, and fail-safe LMS
  • Above all - safety. With the most comprehensive range of CBTA, EBT, e-learning (CBT), m-learning, graphically-inspiring courses, complexities are made simple so pilots are prepared to take to the skies - safely.
  • Boost the quality of instruction while reducing the quantity of time needed for instruction
  • Measure the performance of groups, individuals through comprehensive, reliable and accurate reports on the LMS
  • Always stay up-to-date with course delivery, as regulations change, so too does the learning provided
  • Improve communication across your operations (peer-to-peer; student-to-instructor; instructor-to-Head of Training) with easy-to-implement and customize LMS
  • Remote learning, online learning, and distance learning need not mean distance from the learning provider. We actively pursue feedback and stay close to our clients and always respond to their feedback and requirements
  • All courses provide comprehensive coverage of the subject matter leaving no space for any knowledge gaps
  • Immersive and interactive activities engage the learners, allowing students to not only learn the subject but actually feel the subject
  • Learn when you want, where you want and how you want. All courses are available on all devices: mobile phones, desktops, tablets. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, our courses are fully-accessible at all times of the day. If you prefer to go slow, or go fast, each course has special in-built tools, allowing you to learn at the pace you choose
  • Courses are displayed against a dark theme, which has been proved to prevent eye strain, allowing longer study time
  • All subjects are brought to life by inspired graphics. Aircraft parts are made lifelike, theory is made real, and the complex is made understandable. 


At HeliMax sp. z o.o. we value quality and efficiency that is reflected by our software tools we implement. Evionica is the perfect partner providing CAMO solution as well as know-how to increase our business success.

Jacek Nicałek

Director | AMO & CAMO

Training solutions by Evionica supported our organization to have the best price performance ratio. The individual approach and aviation know how allowed to meet all our expectation and even beyond.

Martin Jezný

Head of Operations | Kosice International Airport

Evionica e-learning courses best meet our needs and help us to support ATPL training with an advanced training experience. Interactive slides and realistic animations strengthen students' engagement and help them master the knowledge maximizing training performance. We recently expanded our facilities alongside our training program.

Alexandre Alves

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) | Sevenair Group

I am very glad the we changed and migrated safely to Evionica Flight School Management System. The additional features as well as integration to Evionica CAMO was a crucial part for our decision. In the past we had a solution but with Evionica we can be now 100% paperless.

Jaroslaw Rozwod

Head of Training | Navcom

Evionica is a well organised team of aviation professionals. The Mass and Balance project was completed on time and within the budget with individual approach. I highly recommend cooperation.

Tomasz Kamela

Operations Manager | Sky Taxi

We want to provide a unique opportunity to foreign students in France, allowing them to study and gain PPL(A) license in English. With such a trusted partner like Evionica we are not only offering an unrivaled proposal, but we also ensure the highest quality of training for our international customers.

Bruno Gay

President & Co-founder | Paris Air Services S.A.S.

Evionica’s flight school management perfectly meets the requirements for our business amazingly time saving! From our first contact we went online just within 7 days. What is more important for us the excellent support Evionica is providing.

Alexander Banaś & Tomasz Bogacki

Founders | TakeOff

Standardization is the element for enhancing safety and efficiency in aviation. The CBT-training portfolio and LMS platform from Evionica provide us with the key to achieving the peak for safety and efficiency in Flight Training. Better is the enemy of good!

Felix Michnacs

Head of Training | Air Colleg Consulting GmbH

Together with Evionica, we provide innovative flight training based on e-learning courses for PPL(A) and ATPL(A) pilots. We aim to create a technologically advanced training center for the next generation of pilots. Distance learning designed by Evionica’s aviation experts maximizes training performance and develops future pilots’ skills.

Eugene Zakharankau

Head of Training / Chief Flight Instructor | Novation Academy