Airbus A330 ceo/neo Differences Training

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Discover the Airbus A330 family in detail with our e-learning course. Designed for pilots and aviation professionals by pilots and aviation professionals, this immersive and interactive course explores the unique features and operational differences between the ceo (current engine option) and neo (new engine option) variants. Aligned with EASA standards, it ensures a clear understanding of the aircraft's systems.

Take a step forward in aviation education with our course, which utilizes user-friendly e-learning technologies for an accurate and comprehensive exploration of the Airbus A330 ceo and neo variants. The course provides a detailed insight into the differences of each component, system, and instrument, creating a personalized and efficient learning experience. Designed for ease of use and reliability, it delivers practical insights into the distinctive aspects of the ceo and neo models.

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About the course

Course Overview
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • 30+ Questions 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Final Examination
Learning Objectives

Delve deeper into the Airbus A330 family with our e-learning course. Upon completion of this course, you will distinguish between Airbus A330 ceo and neo variants effectively. You will gain proficiency in:

  • Air Conditioning System: Understand the differences in cabin zones, control panels, and ECAM COND pages.
  • Auto Flight: Gain a comprehensive insight into MCDU, Autothrust, and autobrake variations within auto flight systems.
  • Fire Protection Systems: Identify and understand the different components and detection methods in fire protection systems.
  • Flight Control Systems: Analyze the variations in flight control laws.
  • Fuel Systems: Explore the differences in over-wing gravity refueling ports.
  • Ice and Rain Protection Systems: Examine the differences in engine anti-ice systems for enhanced awareness.
  • Indication/Recording Systems: Understand the differences in alert indicating systems.
  • Navigation/Surveillance Systems: Gain comprehensive knowledge of weather radar systems and more.
  • Cockpit and Cabin Oxygen Systems: Identify and understand the differences in cabin oxygen delivery systems for enhanced safety awareness.
  • Information Systems: Explore the DCDU and MCDU variations for a comprehensive understanding of information systems.
  • Doors and Cockpit Windows: Identify and evaluate the differences in passenger doors and emergency slide rafts for improved operational awareness.
Benefits & Features
  • 100% compliant with EASA regulations
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Interactive and immersive learning
  • Assessments and progress tracking
  • Accessible on all devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use LMS with expert onboarding support
Intended Audience

The Airbus A330 ceo/neo differences e-learning course aims to enhance Initial and Recurrent Training, providing a comprehensive understanding of the distinctions between A330 ceo and neo models.

Regulatory Compliance


This eLearning course complies with Annex 1 (Part-FCL) to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 with further amendments, in particular with an appendix to AMC1 FCL.725(a) Requirements for the issue of class and type ratings, AMC1 FCL.700(b) and FCL.710 with GM1 FCL.710(a).

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