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Explore the complexity of handling Dangerous Goods tailored for No-Carry Operators with our specialized eLearning course. This course is designed by experienced aviation professionals for aviation professionals. Developed in alignment with IATA’s Dangerous Goods Training Guidance Edition 1 and compliant with ICAO’s Doc 9284 2023-2024 Edition, this module covers crucial aspects, such as roles and responsibilities, classification, general issues, packaging, marking, labeling, and emergency procedures. Intended for personnel who may encounter potential Dangerous Goods shipments, this immersive and interactive course equips No-Carry Operators to identify, manage, and report Dangerous Goods safely.

This course is developed in accordance with IATA's Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) guidelines. No Carry Operators will acquire all the essential skills and knowledge for safe and compliant handling of Dangerous Goods. They will show they are fully prepared for their daily tasks and challenges through an inspiring range of relevant, interactive activities. Thanks to our successful implementation of CBTA guidelines, believing you know is not enough, now you will show that you know.

To learn more about the course:

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Dangerous Goods (DG)_S16
Dangerous Goods (DG)
Dangerous Goods (DG)_S19
Dangerous Goods (DG)_Emergency Responses_S15 (1)
Dangerous Goos (DG) Emergency Responses

About the course

Course Overview
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • 40+ Questions
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • 10+ Knowledge Checks
  • 3 Modules 
  • Final Examination
Learning Objectives
The Dangerous Goods (No-Carry Operators) course covers key aspects for aviation professionals who may encounter potential Dangerous Goods shipments: 
  • Develop a foundational understanding of the fundamental principles of Dangerous Goods.
  • Apply regulatory requirements effectively in the handling of Dangerous Goods.
  • Understand general limitations associated with the transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • Identify and understand the roles and responsibilities of personnel involved in Dangerous Goods handling.
  • Grasp the critical importance of proper classification and packaging techniques for Dangerous Goods.
  • Apply marks and labels accurately and assess the judicious use of overpack.
  • Understand and implement effective hazard communication practices specific to Dangerous Goods.
  • Familiarize yourself with the fundamental emergency response procedures related to Dangerous Goods.
  • Effectively manage Dangerous Goods both pre- and during flight, including the collection of essential safety data.
Benefits & Features
  • 100% compliant with IATA/ICAO regulations
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Interactive and immersive learning
  • Assessments and progress tracking
  • Accessible on all devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use LMS with expert onboarding support
Intended Audience

This Dangerous Goods - No-Carry Operators course is designed for personnel who may encounter potential Dangerous Goods shipments, particularly No-Carry Operators. It is ideal for organizations and individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of Dangerous Goods handling to ensure safe practices and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

The content of this course is based on IATA’s Dangerous Goods Training Guidance Edition 1 and complies with ICAO’s Doc 9284 2023-2024 Edition. 

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