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Everything you need to manage your Flight school in one place 

Flight school

Smooth, compliant, and high-quality operations

Support your head of training, management, and administrators in their duties, with a comprehensive set of tools that streamline and standardize both theoretical and practical training, incorporating the CBTA approach

Create and manage a custom ATO training program that meets your specific needs and objectives, ensuring the highest level of standardization and quality

Enjoy paperless processes that are fully compliant with EASA requirements, making it easy to stay organized and up-to-date with training progress and document validity, while receiving timely notifications about expired documents and aircraft maintenance needs

Access flight reporting and statistics in real-time, giving you the data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your operations

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Simple start

Setting your organization in few simple steps.  

1. Add Aircraft

Define the fleet of your aircraft and simulators.  

2. Add Training Plans

Quickly define your program based on EASA syllabus. 

3. Add Students

Invite your students and let them enjoy the instant access to their training progress.  

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Simple start

Cooperate with FI - share resources

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Share resource

Share resources and student profiles with your instructors. so that instructors can support your work

Simple start

Keep ATO under control

Flight Reporting 

Ensure compliance with efficient paperless record keeping available on mobile and desktop.  

Student documents  

Digital record of all students with automatically alerting about any expiring documents.  

Student progress  

Instant access to student’s progress and planned lessons.  

Flight Billing  

Transparent information about the student account balance.  

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Choose plan

Flight Training Software for your need 

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Personal use


Use a Best Pilot App as your flight registration assistant. Stay in touch with your flying school.


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69 aircraft / mo

In a few simple steps, start using all the benefits of the Best Pilot App platform to manage efficiently your ATO.


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