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The cooperation between AAR Load Control, Air Cairo Ground Handling Team, and Evionica has been successful and we have achieved great results. Implementing Evionica’s Weight and Balance solution allowed us to cut over eighty percent (80%) of the time previously used for performing loadsheet and ground handling operations for Air Cairo.
David Surley
Senior Director of Route Development at Aarhus Airport


AARHUS Airport

Multitude of procedures?

Intrinsic compliance

Naturally enforced by the unambiguous workflow and high level of automation.

Adaptive interface

A modular approach enables Evionica software to tune the workflow of the app to any Ground Handling procedure. An unambiguous workflow guarantees the highest level of compliance and reduces labor with no redundant input or interaction.

Low-learning curve

Onboarding new Controllers takes less than 60 minutes! Including training and certification. The online format's flexibility saves time while maintaining the highest level of compliance.

No installation

Evionica's cloud-based solutions leverage modern web technology to simplify its deployment. It does not require any installation—can run on any device (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone) with a modern web browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)


Digital LI/R

Digitize the Load Distribution reconciliation and close the loop for a completely paperless process. The app enables the Loadmaster to fully participate in the digital process using software optimized to their needs. It facilitates an effortless review of Loading Instructions. 
Reporting with the app does not limit to confirming the values from LI. It allows feedback with actual numbers. A Controller can effortlessly validate and apply them assuring the coherence of the Final Loadsheet with the actual loading state of the aircraft.


Every AC,
every operation type

  • PAX and CARGO operations support
  • Narrow- and Wide-body aircraft ready
  • Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) converted aircraft ready
  • Every structural limitation in the check
  • Special Handling loads (DGRs) separation in the check
  • FAA & Easa certified

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