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Procure aircraft load and trim sheets with no effort

We are very satisfied with the software and services that Evionica provides us with. Evionica trained 50 stations within 30 days and it took less than 3 months to deploy the system within the entire route network.
Maciej Zochowski
Regional Ground Operations Manager at Wizz Air


Wizz Air

Short turnaround time?

Quick turn-around booster!

Adaptive interface

A modular approach enables Evionica software to tune the workflow of the app to your airline's Ground Handling procedure—a simple, even simplistic interface requiring minimum interactions. Unambiguous workflow, customized for your particular procedure, guarantees the highest level of compliance and reduces labor with no redundant input or interaction.

Low-learning curve

Onboarding new Controllers takes less than 60 minutes! Including training and certification. The online format's flexibility saves time while maintaining the highest level of compliance.

Ease of deployment

Evionica's cloud-based solutions leverage modern web technology to simplify its deployment. It does not require any installation—can run on any device (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone) with a modern web browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) Station's IT administrators' support is NOT necessary—no installation is required!

Going #paperless?

Digital LI/R

Digitize the Load Distribution reconciliation and close the loop for a completely paperless process. The app enables the Loadmaster to fully participate in the digital process using software optimized to her needs. It facilitates an effortless review of Loading Instructions. 
Reporting with the app does not limit to confirming the values from LI. It allows feedback with actual numbers that the system will instantly validate and apply to the computation adjusting the distribution and assuring the coherence of the Final Loadsheet with the actual loading state of the aircraft.

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The future is now!

Zero-click loadsheet

Complete integration with third-party systems (data providers: Flight planning/scheduling, Departure Control System—DCS, Electronic Flight Bag—EFB) enables a great level of automation. Over 80% of Final Load and Trim sheets can be procured autonomously. No Load Controller / Dispatcher effort is required:

  • One Load Controller can handle more flights simultaneously
  • or better focus on real-life events enhancing compliance and safety.

Scale your operation up without ballooning your workforce. Stop worrying about the staffing and accreditation expenses of the team.

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European Funds Smart Growth

This project has received funding from the European Union's Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020; under grant agreement number POIR.01.01.01-00-0137/22-00. Learn more

Simple pricing

3per take-off

🚫No hidden costs        🚫No setup fees        🆓New features for free

fitting your airline's size




Number of operations per month
Minimum take-offs (actual or declared) per month
400+ 4 000+ 10 000+
Centralized fleet configuration
Managed by Evionica's aeronautical engineers
Online user onboarding program
Certification process included
24/7 support
with a short reaction time
Load and trim sheets calculator
Quickest on the market

Offline mode
with a short reaction time
Digital LI/R
Review and report loading with
a dedicated mobile app for Ramp Agent
Digital Loadsheet
Review and accept loadsheet, report fuel figures,
with a dedicated mobile app for PiC
Available 2023Q3 Available 2023Q3 Available 2023Q3
Address book
for easy documents dissemination
Unlimited stations
Unlimited users
Automatic load distribution
According to your airline's preferred loading sequence
Workflow optimized
Customized for your airline's procedure—great UX with no redundant input or interaction!
Flight schedule, DCS, EFB
  1 3
Dedicated cloud infrastructure
Hosted in your region (AWS Global Infrastructure)
99.99% measured uptime
High availability
Custom features development
included in the price
Zero-click loadsheet
(i.e., autonomous load control)


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