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Piper PA-44 Seminole, one of the most recognizable aircraft, reflects reliability, durability, and value – the best features for effective multi-engine flight training appreciated by flight schools. This American twin-engine light aircraft combines the Seminole airframe's modernity with the reliable Lycoming O-360-A1H6 engine and an advanced avionics system.

Our CBT online course explains PA-44's aircraft systems and features, presenting them through interactive content and bringing them to life through animations and realistic graphics. Moreover, Evionica’s online distance learning includes a question bank and test elements to engage students and provides access to in-depth training records that highly support the learning process.

Evionica’s distance learning provides flight schools with a modern way of theory training, helping them significantly develop their business.

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About the course

Course Overview
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • 3 cockpit variants available
  • Certificate of completion 
  • Over 20 elearning Modules 
  • 250+ Questions 
  • Final Examination
Learning Objectives
Our comprehensive e-learning course prepares pilots for operations on the Piper PA-44.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the PA-44's structure, equipment, and systems in normal and malfunction scenarios.
  • Understand the PA-44's capabilities and limitations, ensuring safe and compliant operations.
  • Explore performance metrics, flight planning, and monitoring techniques for precise and efficient operations.
  • Learn load and balance principles and servicing procedures for optimal aircraft stability.
Benefits & Features
  • 100% compliant with EASA regulations
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Interactive and immersive learning
  • Assessments and progress tracking
  • Accessible on all devices, anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use LMS with expert onboarding support
Intended Audience

The Piper PA-44 eLearning courses are designed to support both current and future pilots with their Initial and Recurrent Training.

Regulatory Compliance

This eLearning course complies with Annex 1 (Part-FCL) to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 with further amendments, in particular with an appendix to AMC1 FCL.725.A Theoretical knowledge and flight instruction for the issue of class and type ratings — aeroplanes.

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