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Tecnam and Evionica: Designing the Future of Aviation Training – Together

We are delighted to announce a long-term partnership with one of the world’s leading piston aircraft manufacturers - Tecnam. As part of this agreement, we will be designing the future of aviation training with an interactive learning platform for student pilots. The first models to be included in the agreement are the P2006T and P2008JC. Others will follow.
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What to Look for in an Aviation Training LMS

In an ideal world, a Learning Management System is the memory that never fails - the safe place that processes, compares, extrapolates, registers all kinds of records and data, providing users with the documents and resources they need in the blink of an eye. In real life, however, an LMS can confuse, confound, depress and delay its users. So what makes an effective LMS? Why the mad rush to climb on board the LMS bandwagon? What can I actually get out of an LMS? We spoke to Ignacy Sosnowski the Customer Success Manager at Evionica to find out his thoughts.

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