Course for Diamond Aircraft’s airplane – DA20 C1 e-learning is ready to buy!

We have something for lovers of sporty and very light DA20 C1 aircraft, intended both for training and private flying!
DA20 C1 online training is a part of Evionica’s Flight School’s Training Package, which contain all e-learning courses required for PPL(A), CPL(A), and ATPL(A) licenses.

Flight School’s Training Package

Evionica’s experts prepared Computer-Based Training (CBT) for pilots covering DA20 C1 aircraft systems and it is available in our shop! Visit our DA20 C1 website:

DA20 C1

Next-generation e-learning CBT, available on the LMS Platform, provides the opportunity to learn in an interactive and engaging way and helps better memorize and understand educational materials. The course structure follows Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) handbook subjects.

screen of DA20 C1 online course on the mobile

Our best DA20 C1 type-rating course is designed by experts to cover Diamond Aircraft’s DA20 C1 structure and operation in a user-friendly way.

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What are the key profits of DA20 C1 course crucial for pilots and flight schools?

  • user-friendly and flexible way of learning

  • smaller portion of information easier to remember

  • best knowledge transfer thanks to attractive animations and graphics

  • focus on safety rules – Warning, Caution, and Notes slides are highlighted

  • test elements with a training record helping master the knowledge

screen of DA20 C1 online course on the  tablet

Features of DA20 C1 e-learning that underline the high quality of this course:

  • available online and offline on the LMS Platform

  • access on Desktop and Tablet

  • full HD graphics and dark theme prevents eyes

  • high-quality natural lector voice

  • interactive content

Screen of DA20 C1 course on the desktop

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Diamond Aircraft headquartered in Austria with facilities in Canada and China, is amongst the leading aircraft manufacturer in General Aviation. Founded in 1981, Diamond haspioneered many aviation firsts and achieved numerous milestones and industry expert accolades. Over 5,500 Diamond airplanes are flown by private pilots, professional flight training operators and institutions worldwide.


Evionica delivers intelligent solutions to improve the operations of companies in the aviation industry. It offers features software for Weight & Balance calculations, as well as a range of systems to enhance the pilot training process. Evionica provides its services on all continents for clients such as Wizz Air, Lufthansa Aviation Training, LOT Polish Airlines, and Gulf Aviation Academy.

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