Night VFR e-learning for flight training at night

The Night VFR CBT course prepares pilots for flight training at night, under visual flight rules. As a part of Flight School’s Training Package, N-VFR is designed for the theoretical knowledge instructions of the Night Rating course, which qualifies license holders to fly at night.

Night Visual Flight Rules (N-VFR) online course covers night visual flight rules and requirements, human factors, meteorology, and abnormal operations at night. Moreover, this CBT provides students with night flight techniques, flight planning, and navigation at night.

Image shows screen from the N-VFR CBT on the desktop

What are the key benefits of N-VFR online course?

  • User-friendly way of learning enhances students’ efficiency and engagement

  • Advanced LMS Platform rising training performance

  • Highlighted warning, caution, and notes slides are easier to remember

  • Available at any convenient place and time, online & offline

  • Easy implementation and attractive business model

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Image shows screen from N-VFR course on the tablet

Features of the Night VFR e-learning course:

  • Interactive content full of realistic graphics, models and animations

  • Detailed schematics and graphs

  • Full HD graphics and high-quality lector voice

  • Gamification techniques and test elements with question bank

What are pilot’s opinion about Evionica’s CBT?

“Evionica team is doing a great job and their CBT is according to our expectations” 
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor – UAE 


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