Welcome Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center serving with our customizable Flight School Management Software

Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center is a dedicated pilot training service provider for commercial and military pilots utilizing CAE Full Flight Level ‘D’ Simulators, AW139, Bell 412, EMB 145 and King Air 350. The training center is also equipped with FNPT and state of the art classrooms. Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Aviation, the largest commercial helicopter operator in the Middle East.

“Evionica’s flight school management perfectly meets the requirements of our simulator center. Especially we appreciate the possibility to customize the system as with our growth also the requirements increase.”


Wolfgang Boettcher
Head of Training of Dhabi Aviation Training Center

Maximize resources

A great value added of the new feature’s will be simulator counter. Here it will be installed on the Simulator computer (offline/online available) and based on the instructor action (Start/Stop) the students will see in the lobby when they can start as well as support administration and invoicing. Due to this feature, a forecasted 15% more productivity can be achieved ‑ that over the year is a 6 digit revenue increase.


The requirements and reporting to the holding company as well as Civil Aviation Authority is an everyday challenge. Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center will be 100% paperless and this will assure the Corporate Social Responsibility goals and let stay the planet greener.



Simulator Center, Flight School, Flying Clubs have their own business environment and therefore a system have to reflect this. Evionica is listening to the customers very well as well as to the regulations to have a 100% compliant system and additionally to that save time.


Simulator Center, Flight Schools, Flying clubs can rely on Evionica Flight School Management System and concentrate on business and let most of the administration be handled through the system.