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Let the magic do your Load Planning

It takes the average person 1.07 seconds to say the word "Abracadabra" 🎩, roughly the same amount of time it now takes a loadmaster to generate their optimal load distribution. See (and believe) how load distribution can now be reduced to mere seconds thanks to our new autoload system 🪄. Not only that - the autoload is fully-compliant, fully-operational, and finds an aircraft's optimal trim in seconds! Take the load off your minds, "Abracadabra" - let our new Weight and Balance solution do the magic for you

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Evionica Digital LIR in action

Digital LIR: Your Weight and Balance Made Simple

If you're looking for flawless communication between the Load Controller and Ramp Agent, as well as effortless efficiency in your workflows, look no further than our new Digital LIR process. Here's an introduction and step-by-step explanation of a Digital LIR process that will make your weight and balance procedures so simple, so safe, and so compliant. 👇

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Zero-click Loadsheet

We launched cooperation with Wizz Air three years ago, promising a Loadsheet procured in less than 60 seconds. We achieved that by building a software solution with a User Interface (eXperience) fully aligned to the airline’s Ground Handling procedure—a simple, even simplistic interface requiring minimum interactions. But optimizing human interactions can only go so far. Every consecutive change brought limited return—it would not decrease the time further. The next step was connecting systems that could provide data to the “calculator” (e.g., DCS, flight schedule, EFB), eliminating redundant data input completely.  

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NCBiR Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020

W ramach Konkursu Szybka ścieżka – Innowacje cyfrowe do programu NCBiR Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020,
Evionica Sp. z o.o. uzyskała dofinansowanie na realizację

prac badawczo-rozwojowych mających na celu stworzenie zasadniczo ulepszonego mobilnego rozwiązania aplikacyjnego służącego do automatycznego wyważania statków powietrznych.

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