Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) for General Aviation (GA) – new CBT course from Evionica

We are glad to inform, that new Evionica’s Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) dedicated for PPL(A) holders willing to expand their privileges, is ready to buy. This e-learning Aviation Course is compliant with EASA regulations, covers the BIR theoretical knowledge requirements and efficiently supports the BIR flight training. 

Tablet shows Basic Instrument Rating course on LMS platform
LMS platform on the Tablet

Wide range of Next-Generation e-learning courses designed by Evionica, improves learning progress, student satisfaction rate and training results. 

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Mobile device presences slide from BIR's course on LMS platform

LMS platform on the Mobile
Dekstop's monitor showing part of BIR's flight training  on the LMS platform

LMS platform on the Desktop

What are the key features of BIR important for flight training progress? 

  • Advanced intuitive LMS Platform covers all training needs and SCORM standard 

  • Online & offline access,  available on all devices (Mobile, Tablet and Desktop) 

  • Full HD graphics and animations, gamification techniques, high-quality voice and dark theme preventing eye tiring 

  • User-friendly way of learning joined with communication tool for student & instructor 

  • Question bank useful for knowledge assessments 

  • 3 chapters and approx. 20 hours of duration 

Additionally, we offer Competency-based Training Course for Instrument Rating (CB-IR) – stay tuned and leave your email – we will inform you about release date. 

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Screen from Basic Instrument Rating course on LMS platform

What are pilot’s opinion about Evionica’s CBT?

“Evionica team is doing a great job and their CBT is according to our expectations” 
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor – UAE 

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