Instrument Rating e-learning course for PPL(A) and CPL(A) holders

Instrument Rating e-learning course to train PPL(A) and CPL(A) holders for the instrument rating, joined Evionica’s CBT family and is available in our shop! This online training is a part of Evionica’s Flight School’s Training Package, which contains all e-learning courses required for PPL(A), CPL(A), and ATPL(A) licenses.

IR distance training aims to train pilots to the level of proficiency needed to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and in IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions). Our next-generation experience is available on the advanced LMS platform with online and offline access. 

Create Next-Generation Training Package to improve your Flight School’s business:

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Wide range of Next-Generation e-learning courses designed by Evionica, improves learning progress, student satisfaction rate and training results. 

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How does IR online course benefit Training Organizations? 

  • attractive business model 

  • easy implementation 

  • customization supporting flight school’s needs 

  • advanced LMS platform improving training results 

  • 100% compliant with EASA regulatory 

Key features of the Instrument Rating e-learning experience: 

  • workings on Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop 

  • online & offline Mobile access 

  • interactive slides with full HD graphics and animations 

  • high-quality voice and dark theme preventing eye tiring 

  • gamification techniques improving efficiency and training results 

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What are pilot’s opinion about Evionica’s CBT?

“Evionica team is doing a great job and their CBT is according to our expectations” 
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor – UAE 

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