CBT for Piper PA-44 Seminole – class rating course is ready!

Next-Generation e-learning for Piper PA-44 Seminole, one of the most recognizable multi-engine aircraft for flight training is ready for pilots!
This CBT joined our Flight School’s Training Package, supporting Training Organizations in the digitalization trend and improving training results. 

Class rating online course provides students with attractive educational material for the PA-44 Seminole, engaging them through interactive slides and realistic animations, test elements, and gamification techniques.

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Evionica’s distance learning provides flight schools with a modern way of theory training, helping them significantly develop their business.

Image shows screen from Piper PA-44 CBT course

Benefits of Piper PA-44 Seminole CBT for Flight Schools:

  • one of the most popular multi-engine aircraft for flight training  

  • attractive business model and easy implementation

  • best in class solution for training

  • customization supporting flight school’s needs

  • four options of avionics to choose

  • CBT structure based on Piper POH, AFM, and Owner’s Manual required for the operation of the airplane

  • complaint with EASA regulations

Image shows screen from Piper PA-44 CBT course

Key features of the class rating PA-44 online course:

  • realistic images, models, and detailed schematics and graphs

  • high-quality voice and dark theme preventing eye tiring

  • warning/caution/notes slides are highlighted

  • fully interactive content ensures the best knowledge transfer

  • LMS platform with test elements and gamification techniques

  • available online & offline on any device (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)

Image shows screen from Piper PA-44 CBT course

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What are the pilot’s opinions about Evionica’s CBT?

“Evionica team is doing a great job and their CBT is according to our expectations” 
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor – UAE 


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