Experience the new and interactive approach to pilot training with Evionica’s e-learning and m-learning courses

Evionica Team is a group of aviation enthusiasts searching for new ways and methods to improve our state-of-the-art pilot courses. Our industrious and tireless engineers, pilots, and graphic designers aim to deliver truly immersive aviation courses to future pilots.

We believe that with immersion, comes realization. To get the most out of a course and to have its contents etched in your mind, we believe that the experience must be real and students involvement whole.  

Night VFR course both in e-learning and m-learning versions

Sit in a real flight simulator with Evionica’s aviation online courses

Becoming a pilot requires a lot of training before you get to sit in a real flight simulator. We aim to stimulate students and prepare them for their first steps in the simulator, with our introduction to aviation. Jumping into the cockpit with confidence thanks to the essential knowledge gained on our course is the best preparation for any challenge.
Our online training is full of visually attractive video content presenting aircraft systems, features, and flight operations. These realistic animations with natural lector voice, subtitles, and dark themes preventing eyestrain deeply explain all subjects step by step. Students can repeat video material and return to tough topics at any convenient time.

Video animation presenting Diamond DA40-180 course

Next generation learning for pilot students

Evionica’s courses have been developed as next generation e-learning. However students choose to experience our course – from a tablet, a computer, or maybe a smartphone – they will feel like the pilot of an actual airplane. We want to share the best information, in the best possible way (engaging and user-friendly). Pilot students can be fully-focused on studying and flying, not hindered by the difficulties associated with conventional theoretical courses.

Slide form online pilot course for Boeing 737

A new quality aviation training designed by Evionica’s pilot experts

Familiarizing with the aircraft can be achieved by staring at a printed cockpit poster, but our interactive courses will take flight training to a higher level. They will master each procedure by completing the course components, and all the while, future pilots will interact with the actual airplane. As the aircraft and students get acquainted, they will understand the function of every switch and pushbutton, as well as all the aircraft systems or procedures that you will face in your training. From the sky to the airport safely? No problem – a less conventional exertion with more total immersion means you will be perfectly prepared for your next simulator training session.

Animation from MEP(L) course

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