Lateral Imbalance

The lateral balance aims to keep quite even distribution of mass loaded on the LEFT and RIGHT aisle of the aircraft. It is crucial for wide-body aircraft which can accommodate ULDs loaded side-by-side in two lines on both the Main and Lower Decks.

The monitoring in Evionica Weight and Balance works similarly to the operational envelope, but it verifies the deviation of the CG position to the LEFT and RIGHT from the aircraft’s longitudinal axis. If the Load Controller places the pallet on position 1L (left aisle) the CG is automatically moved a bit to the left side.

TheLateral Imbalance Limit can be defined either as: 

  • the maximum difference between the mass loaded on the left and right aisles 
  • or the maximum resultant moment around the longitudinal axis.  

In Evionica Weight and Balance solution lateral imbalance can be monitored separately for the Lower Deck and Main Deck Cabin or combined for both of them at the same time

It is indicated to the user in the upper right corner: 

lateral imbalance at weight and balance solution