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P2F Troubleshooting: Your Go-To Guide!

As cargo airlines face an ever-increasing demand for air freight capacity, more and more are turning to P2F (Passenger-to-Freighter) to address these needs. On face value, this seems like a logical move; after all, modifying passenger aircraft into cargo planes enables you to maximize the lifespan of older passenger planes and offers a cost-effective solution to meet logistics needs. Let's be the party-poopers this time and provide a reality check. We're going to look at the common problems cargo airlines face when introducing P2F aircraft to their fleet: 

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Let the magic do your Load Planning

It takes the average person 1.07 seconds to say the word "Abracadabra" 🎩, roughly the same amount of time it now takes a loadmaster to generate their optimal load distribution. See (and believe) how load distribution can now be reduced to mere seconds thanks to our new autoload system 🪄. Not only that - the autoload is fully-compliant, fully-operational, and finds an aircraft's optimal trim in seconds! Take the load off your minds, "Abracadabra" - let our new Weight and Balance solution do the magic for you

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Evionica Digital LIR in action

Digital LIR: Your Weight and Balance Made Simple

If you're looking for flawless communication between the Load Controller and Ramp Agent, as well as effortless efficiency in your workflows, look no further than our new Digital LIR process. Here's an introduction and step-by-step explanation of a Digital LIR process that will make your weight and balance procedures so simple, so safe, and so compliant. 👇

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Weight&Balance Checklist

Finding the right solution that best fits your Weight and Balance needs may sound simple, but the reality is unfortunately more complex. You may find yourself having to analyse countless providers of such solutions, comparing what they do, how they do it and figuring out whether you actually need all the things they promise to deliver. After all - the solution should fit your needs and not vice-versa!

To make things simpler for you, we've prepared a downloadable Weight and Balance Checklist. This checklist will help you establish your needs before deciding on your Weight and Balance provider. It is simple to use and even simpler to make the right, informed choice. Download your free checklist by simply filling in this form.

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Zero-click Loadsheet

We launched cooperation with Wizz Air three years ago, promising a Loadsheet procured in less than 60 seconds. We achieved that by building a software solution with a User Interface (eXperience) fully aligned to the airline’s Ground Handling procedure—a simple, even simplistic interface requiring minimum interactions. But optimizing human interactions can only go so far. Every consecutive change brought limited return—it would not decrease the time further. The next step was connecting systems that could provide data to the “calculator” (e.g., DCS, flight schedule, EFB), eliminating redundant data input completely.  

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Structural Limitations: Maximum Running Loads

Running load is a limitation that prevents floor damage.

It is given as kilogram per meter, kilogram per inch, or pound per inch. And 62 kg/in limit means that if we cut the aircraft fuselage in slices (the width of each is 1 inch) the total mass loaded in the slice cannot exceed 62 kg. The limit can be set differently in different areas of the aircraft. Usually, it is higher in the section over the wing and decreases in the AFT part of the aircraft.

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Structural Limitations: Accumulated Loads

The aircraft structure is designed to withstand certain bending moments and vibrations. To prevent excessive forces exerted on a structure, manufacturers regulate the weight of the load that is allowed in a given section of a fuselage. The limitation can apply to the whole hold space or only some designated part of it.

In the Evionica’s Weight and Balance solution, the fuselage section can be arbitrarily defined together with a weight limitation that should be validated.

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Scattered Load Control

Cargo operations are usually challenging. In many cases, they require the loadmaster to travel with the aircraft to supervise the loading and offloading process. Is it...

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