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Weight & Balance

Zero-click Loadsheet

We launched cooperation with Wizz Air three years ago, promising a Loadsheet procured in less than 60 seconds. We achieved that by building a software solution with a User Interface (eXperience) fully aligned to the airline’s Ground Handling procedure—a simple, even simplistic interface requiring minimum interactions. But optimizing human interactions can only go so far. Every consecutive change brought limited return—it would not decrease the time further. The next step was connecting systems that could provide data to the “calculator” (e.g., DCS, flight schedule, EFB), eliminating redundant data input completely.  

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Structural Limitations: Maximum Running Loads

Running load is a limitation that prevents floor damage.

It is given as kilogram per meter, kilogram per inch, or pound per inch. And 62 kg/in limit means that if we cut the aircraft fuselage in slices (the width of each is 1 inch) the total mass loaded in the slice cannot exceed 62 kg. The limit can be set differently in different areas of the aircraft. Usually, it is higher in the section over the wing and decreases in the AFT part of the aircraft.

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Structural Limitations: Accumulated Loads

The aircraft structure is designed to withstand certain bending moments and vibrations. To prevent excessive forces exerted on a structure, manufacturers regulate the weight of the load that is allowed in a given section of a fuselage. The limitation can apply to the whole hold space or only some designated part of it.

In the Evionica’s Weight and Balance solution, the fuselage section can be arbitrarily defined together with a weight limitation that should be validated.

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Scattered Load Control

Cargo operations are usually challenging. In many cases, they require the loadmaster to travel with the aircraft to supervise the loading and offloading process. Is it...

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NCBiR Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020

W ramach Konkursu Szybka ścieżka – Innowacje cyfrowe do programu NCBiR Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020,
Evionica Sp. z o.o. uzyskała dofinansowanie na realizację

prac badawczo-rozwojowych mających na celu stworzenie zasadniczo ulepszonego mobilnego rozwiązania aplikacyjnego służącego do automatycznego wyważania statków powietrznych.

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How much the passenger weights?

Have you ever wondered how we know the final mass of the aircraft? It’s calculated in the Weight and Balance process by correcting aircraft empty mass with CREW, FUEL,...

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Lateral Imbalance

The lateral balance aims to keep quite even distribution of mass loaded on the LEFT and RIGHT aisle of the aircraft. It is crucial for wide-body aircraft which can accommodate ULDs loaded side-by-side in two lines on both the Main and Lower Decks.

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