Smart flight training at Pipistrel Academy thanks to e-learning courses

Pipistrel Academy, based in Slovakia dynamic aviation school promoting not only pilot training but flying as a lifestyle, and Evionica, providing software solutions for aviation, cooperate together to create smart flight training for future pilots!

This Slovak Training Organization located in Dubova Airport, with the help of experienced instructors and advanced aircraft, trains 30 PPL(A) students yearly. Thanks to the agreement with Evionica, students can train with the next-generation e-learning courses to get PPL(A), Night VFR, and BIR licenses. 

“Our Training Organization is in process of intensive development and implementing Evionica’s online courses took our offer for pilot students to a higher level! We want to be recognizable as a modern flight school offering courses for the next generation of pilots and e-learning courses fully fit our mission!” Pipistrel Academy

Pipistrel's aircraft on the airport

Smart flight training with e-learning courses

Evionica aims to deliver the highest-quality and compliance with regulations digital solutions to support training organizations and maximize training performance. Evionica’s pilot and aviation experts create e-learning courses based on experience and expertise to deliver efficient and smart flight training. We support our clients to innovate their aviation training and change traditional books and classrooms into a new method ensuring distance learning. This new approach provides a flexible and interactive way of learning and lets students experience flight operations in a realistic way.  

Aviation courses for next generation pilots

Our goal is to share information in a visually attractive way to engage students and help them gain the highest quality future pilot skills. Moreover, all courses are available on the advanced LMS Platform with tracking progress, test and gamification elements and students can train on all devices, with online and offline access. This CBT provides the best knowledge transfer helping to master the material. 

Flight School’s Training Package – complex e-learning to get a PPL(A) and ATPL(A) license!

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