Mind-Boeing - GettiNG the MAX with our New CBT


When is the moment that awareness becomes true understanding? When is the moment that a shrug of confusion becomes a nod of real recognition? Many of us have leafed our way through files, documents and literature - some of them simple; many of them complex. Countless times we have put them to one side for another day, perhaps a better day when the morning coffee really kicks in and the Sun is shining. Other times we leave them, never to return. Why? Because sometimes we may read something, but we lack the connection with what we are reading.

A New Approach to CBT

Our new Boeing 737 MAX and NG CBTs not only explain the tiniest details in a clear, concise way, but bring the aircraft to your tablets, desktops, mobile devices in a way that you do not just notice them, but you can actually feel a special connection with them. Whether it's a gripping book, a cliffhanger scene in a movie, the crucial ingredient is feeling that connection. Whatever part of our EASA compliant course you are learning, that connection is vital - that feeling of total immersion.


Features and Benefits of the Boeing 737 CBT

Our new Boeing 737 NG and MAX courses boast an abundance of new features: 
  • Transcript buttons that allow the learner to read the information that is presented, while taking notes if they so desire
  • Navigational tools allowing the learner to leap forward or head back to specific slides, to glimpse what is to come or remind themselves of what has just been
  • Lists of abbreviations available at the click of a button to see the meaning of commonly used abbreviations and jargon
  • Search options to enable the learner to find a particular subject with greater ease, just by entering a keyword
  • Formative and interactive tests, enabling the user to test their newly acquired knowledge as-they-go

Meeting User Demands: Control, Testing, and Engagement

All of these features were introduced based on the demands of our users: 
  • demands for greater control over the learning 
  • more opportunities to test themselves 
  • control over the pacing of their training 

Differences Training: Comparing the Boeing 737 NG and MAX

Our users also expected the course content to be comprehensive, clear and reliable. That is why we have produced a course that covers every little nook and cranny of the 737 NG and MAX in a clear way that complies fully with EASA requirements. We are certain that there will be no secrets untold about the two aircraft and no mysteries unsolved. We have even included a "Differences Training" course where you can compare the two aircraft.

User Feedback and the Evolution of the Boeing 737 CBT

There was of course one constant demand that our users raised - the demand to feel connected with their learning. With their round-the-clock availability, their true-to-life engaging graphics, and multitude of relevant yet varied questions, our new Boeing 737 CBTs provide the perfect answer as to why it is vital to not only hear, but act upon the demands of users.
Thanks to all the feedback we have received, the Boeing 737 CBT is not only by Evionica. It is not just another next generation e-learning that is brought to you now. It is in many ways thanks to the connection we have with our users, and the invaluable feedback they have given us.

Having the learner involved throughout the process is one way they can feel connected to their learning, and it is another great way to improve aviation together.