A320neo – Evionica’s new CBT course for Airbus A320 family 

The Airbus A320 family of aircrafts have proved with both legacy airlines and low-cost carriers and is the most successful Single-Aisle aircraft for operators. Evionica, providing a new standard to the e-learning market, is glad to announce that next-generation e-learning course for Airbus A320neo is now available for the Airlines and Approved Training Organizations (ATO).

Desktop's monitor shows a part of LMS platform e-learning
Excerpt of the interactive LMS platform

This Computer-Based Training (CBT) for pilots covers all A320neo aircraft systems with two engine versions: CFM LEAP-1A, and Pratt & Whitney PW1100G and explains in a user-friendly way how they work. Thanks to interactive slides, engaging animations and clear information, course increases profitability, maximizes training performance and develops next-generation pilot’s skills.  

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Mobile device presences part of e-learning A320neo course on the LMS platform
View of the LMS Platform on the Mobile
Tablet device presences part of e-learning Airbus A320neo training on LMS Platform
View of the LMS Platform on the Tablet

What are key features of new A320neo CBT which improve flight training performance?

  • User-friendly way of learning – smaller portion of information explained in direct way, lots of animations and interactive content 

  • Focus on safety rules – Warning, Caution and Notes information are highlighted

  • Covers all aircraft systems also with optional equipment

  • Content upgraded with experts experience 

  • Full HD graphics and animations, high quality voice and dark theme preventing eyes 

  • Available Online and Offline on all devices – Mobile, Tablet and Desktop 

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Next-generation A320neo course,  LMS Platform on the desktop

View of the LMS Platform on the Desktop

Christian Stock, Head of Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training Pilot Academy 
“Evionica is doing a great job and supporting LAT very well especially in nowadays digitalization trend.” 

Our course is certified, EASA and 100 KSA compliant
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