E-learning statistics – learn more about the benefits of distance learning

Technological development has been leading the educational sector to a new digital era. Distance learning offers a different way of learning based on flexibility. Statistics present that implementing a new education model brings better results and many benefits. Today’s generation appreciates computer-based training ensuring study at a self-paced and comfortable place at any convenient time.

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Moreover, the e-learning market is still growing and spreading, positively influencing the environment, and saving time and money. We present some interesting e-learning statistical data proving the higher satisfaction rate and better learning experience.

Saving money with e-learning

42% of organizations that use e-learning generate more income as a result of it. This indicates, that almost half of corporations have seen their income increase with the help of e-learning. Companies can reduce costs on instructors, equipment, classrooms, or business travel.

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Distance learning helps to save time

Distance learning takes less student time than traditional classroom learning. Students have an opportunity to learn at any convenient time on different devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile), instead of sitting for long hours in the classroom. Studying self-paced significantly helps to master the knowledge, and students can focus more on tough topics.

Higher satisfaction rate thanks to online learning

85% of online learners say that the distance learning experience was better, or at least equally satisfactory compared to traditional classroom learning. Educational material is presented through animations, videos, photos, graphics, and other media. This user-friendly way of learning increases engagement and progress.

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Impact for environment

E-learning reduces more than 80% of the carbon footprint created during the learning process. Moreover, distance learning can reduce energy consumption by about 90%! These factors positively influence the environment and help to keep it in a better condition. Generally, changing the approach from a traditional to a paperless and digitalization of processes at organizations helps to protect the environment.

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How do Evionica’s e-learning courses benefit flight schools and students?

Evionica offers next-generation e-learning dedicated to flight schools. We aim to deliver modern learning technology for training organizations to support them in the digitalization trend. Evionica’s CBT courses are designed by aviation experts in line with EASA regulations and cover all training needs (self-study and instructor-led training time in the classroom). Our distance learning maximizes training performance and develops future pilots’ skills. Furthermore, 99% of Evionica’s e-learning users rate their satisfaction level as good, or at least neutral. We are proud that 97% of our users think they could recommend our product to their colleagues, and 80% say they are likely to do so!

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Join other big players and innovate your learning system!

More than 40% of the 500 largest United States corporations use e-learning and 93% of companies worldwide plan to implement it. It shows the right direction and trend we are moving on nowadays. Organizations realize that new manners of learning benefit not only their business but have a wide impact on a variety of areas. Our generation is maturing to change the approach and switch to a new standard. Join us and experience the benefits of e-learning!

93% companies are Implementing elearning
More than 40% US corporations use elearning

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