Evionica’s LMS Mobile Application for all e-learning courses

Evionica LMS mobile application is the perfect tool for your journey with Evionica CBT.
The app offers substantial possibilities for delivering our prime, mobile-optimised CBT courses directly to your device.

This mobile application requires an active Evionica LMS account and the same username/e-mail and password can be used to log in as for the web application

With Evionica LMS app, you can:

– Access assigned courses and train anywhere, anytime
– Resume any in-progress courses that you started on the web application
– Download your courses for offline use
– Synchronise your progress when back online
– View your learning progress
– View gamification elements (points, levels, and badges)
– Easily access your web-based Evionica LMS account

Desktop and tablet showing LMS application

Tablet displays gamification on LMS platform

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da40 TDI


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