Meet Evionica at EATS Airline Training Symposium in Berlin

We will join EATS and there you can speak with our colleagues about Evionica Flight School Management Software, Evionica CAMO Manager System and our Computer Based Training Solutions Evionica DA 42-VI CBT & soon launched Airbus 320.

Why Evionica Flight School Management System?

  • Time Saving Solution reducing 6 hours per Aircraft per month

  • Paperless work

  • Integration with other Software (e.g. Invoice Ocean)

  • Customisation

  • Flexible Training Onsite & Online

Why Evionica Computer Based Training?

  • more flexibility with instructor time and planning

  • monitor training progress store your students record

  • own Question Bank also possible

  • You can also order Cockpit Mock with your Academy Logo & Evionica Certificate after completing the course


Flight Training Organisation have today a lot of challenges and therefor its very crucial to choose most time savings tools and E-Learning solutions. This allow to improve training and handle even more pilot students and as well reduce administration.