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The role of the flight instructor in pilot training

Each pilot perfectly remembers his first flight and the instructor who introduced him to the world of aviation. With this instructor, we took our first steps in the sky and under his watchful eye we felt what it was like to “break away from the ground”.

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Effective pre-flight briefings with the Best Pilot app

Pre-flight briefing is often rushed or skipped entirely, yet it plays a critical role in flight lessons. The benefit these briefings can offer are overlooked and students do not always anticipate just how important they can be.

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Pilot core competencies to become an airline pilot

Pilot core competencies are defined by ICAO Doc 9995 as a standard set of skills and abilities that a pilot should possess to ensure safe, efficient, and comfortable flight operation. Being a pilot is a responsibility for people’s lives and operating aircraft, that is why these technical and non-technical competencies should be mastered on the highest level and then deeply assessed.

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How to choose the best Flight School Management Software?

As a flight school you have a lot of challenges every day and as well a lot of regulations. In order to survive from paper or change to the best flight school management system you have to consider a lot and invest a lot of time.

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