Welcome Take‑Off serving with our tailored Flight School Management Software

Take‑Off is a time building provider based at airport in Gliwice (ICAO Code: EPGL) having an excellent location and using state of the art airplanes. If you want to efficiently and safely make your time building Take‑Off is the ideal choice.

Here some facts about the AT3 Airplane currently in operation

  • Cruising speed: 108 knots

  • Range: 1300 kilometers

  • Usable mass: 250 kilogram

  • Take‑Off Runway Requirement: 200 meters

Why Take‑Off choose Evionica Flight School Management Software

Alexander Banaś and Tomasz Bogacki Founders of Take‑Off: “Evionica’s flight school management perfectly meets the requirements for our business. From our first contact we went online just within 7 days. What is more important for us the excellent support Evionica is providing (every enquiry is handled the same day!) as well as the integration with other software provider. When a flight is added to the system it automatically calculates the balance of our customer and with one click we can issue the invoice – amazingly time saving!”

Integrity of the solution

Automated transfer of data is important and save a lot of time. Flight school management software should be integrated for example with a CAMO Software. This means in case you enter the flight once in the Flight School Management System the data goes automatically to the CAMO System and no safety issue is possible due to transfer. Additional Evionica Flight Training Software is also integrated with invoiceocean.com an international invoice provider.

System à la carte

Each civil aviation authority have some kind of special request like sending invoices above a certain value, send training files when a training is completed and many more. Rarely you will find a system that will handle all your requirements but the clue is to find a partner that can provide you the feature within a reasonable time and budget.


Simulator Center, Flight Schools, Flying clubs can rely on Evionica Flight School Management System and concentrate on business and let most of the administration be handled through the system.