Welcome Multifly serving with our with our paperless and integrated Flight School Management and CAMO Software

Multifly as one of the leading flight schools in Hungary is offering pilot training with a very vast training portfolio from PPL to ATPL and as well MCC training.

Students have the possibility to perform the time building with a great aircrafts of the Trextron Aviation group like Cessna 150/152/172 and 310.

“Evionica’s flight school management and CAMO-Manager integrated software supports our flight academy a lot. We can manage booking, flight program, licenses and certificates and maintenance workflow of CAMO.
The CAMO workflow from Work Order (WO), Certificate of Release (CRS), Maintenance Statement (MS) to Aircraft Technical Log (ATL) is also very convenient.
The Support Team of Evionica is very fast and great aviators are working there! Multifly Organization considering students, instructors, post holder and management are very excited about the system.”

Gabor Magyar
Training Manager of Multifly


Each flight academies and CAMO Organization have their own business environment and therefor a system have to reflect this. A great service from us is that we adapt the systems to the customer needs and here we are developing more features, provide integrations with other system or even develop new system modules.

Paperless / Fly Green

The paper usage is growing each year and also information transfer on paper is a source affecting safety while transmitting information from ATO to CAMO Organization. Our system covers all possible processes and here we have a service to proactively analyze customer business processes so that we can assure paperless workflows.


The administration of the flight school costs a lot of time and resources. Evionica is continuously working on the automatization meaning like smart algorithms allowing booking suggestions to use the aircraft, helicopter and simulator ressources most efficient. In case a customer choose an integrated solution the flight school management system takes CAMO maintenance data as basis for flight booking suggestion. Currently we are working on another great modification that will be announced soon.


Flight schools and CAMO organization have a lot of challenges nowadays in regard of paper work and assuring regulations by EASA and respective local Civil Aviation Authorities. A system that reflects the workflows and can customized is a crucial element of operations.