Welcome Navcom serving with our integrated Flight School Management Software and CAMO‑Manager

Navcom is a state of the art flight academy and maintenance organization (CAMO, Part 145 and Part 21) located in Swidnik offering a wide range of services for pilot students and as well as for aircraft operators.

Here facts some facts about the Training and Maintenance:

  • 17 Years of experience

  • Fleet: 5 Cessna 152

  • Trainings: PPL and VFR Night

  • complex services for CESSNA 150,152,172,182 and PIPER 28, 38

  • Management of Continuing Airworthiness (CAMO)

  • Avionics modernization and more

Why Navcom choose Evionica

Jaroslaw Rozwod, Head of Training, Navcom “I am very glad the we changed and migrated safely to Evionica Flight School Management System. The additional features as well as integration to Evionica CAMO was a crucial part for our decision. In the past we had a solution but with Evionica we can be now 100% paperless. Personally I liked the E-Learning function where tests can be performed online. Also I am very looking forward to a CBT course for Cessna 152 as the DA42 CBT Training is impressive.”

Automate Workflows

The integration between Evionica Flight School Management and CAMO Software allow a safe and always up to date data transmission. When you add the flight in the flight training it supports the maintenance and also the finance department as here all data are calculated and transmitted automatically. Here you can reduce the working time of team by 1‑2 hour a day or 20‑40 hours a month!

Support and System in your Language

There are many international and local providers on the market. Evionica provides the system currently in English and also in Polish. All users can use the system in two languages. Upon customer requested Evionica can translate the system into your local language allowing improvement of customer experience. Our support Team covers English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic and Polish.


Evionica supports you to growth and expand your Flight Schools, Flying clubs or Simulator Center business. Use Evionica worldwide trusted solution to save time.