Implementation of Evionica Flight School Management System, how does it look like?

Evionica solutions for flight school management always were implemented 100% remotely, regardless of customer location, time zone difference, or pandemic circumstances. At the request of the customer, we can also provide training on-site.

The implementation process is built of four main parts, including checklist, configuration, training, and support. Every one of them is handled remotely. Let’s dive into details.

1. Checklist

As soon as the business matters are all agreed we can start onboarding process. In the beginning, we ask to provide so-called checklist data based on the arrangements, which is needed to configure the system and adjust it to your needs. The basic checklist includes below positions and can be extended.

  • Flee

  • Prices

  • Exams

  • Practical training syllabus

  • Theory exams

  • Users

  • Flight ratings and licenses

  • System configuration rules

Our team performs data migration for customers previously using different software and willing to import their historical data to Evionica (e.g. flights, user profiles, or training progress), only thing we need is access to the database.

2. System configuration

System configuration can be performed by both the customer and by our experts. The workflow may vary depending on data provided but in general, the process looks as follows:

3. Online training

As the system is set and ready to be transferred to the client, we agree on a training date for future system administrators. The training is performed online, it is always recorded and shared during the same day. Record is helpful when you want to refresh some points or while on-boarding new team members. Additional training for flight instructors can be also performed on demand. What are the major advantages of online training?

  • Training date agreed from day to day
  • Content adjusted to the client operational procedures
  • All questions discussed and recorded in the process
  • Unlimited amount of training participants
  • Possibility to join from different locations
  • Training recording available right away

4. Support

After the training, customers are ready to use the system independently and they are still fully supported by Evionica. Additionally, we provide detailed Online User Guide with short recordings attached. Also if any later customization is needed, we are able to prepare it and provide the update.

This is it. Do you have any questions or ideas? If so, feel free to contact us.

Here you can get the link with video product presentation.



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