How to choose the best Flight School Management Software?

As a flight school you have a lot of challenges every day and as well a lot of regulations. In order to survive from paper or change to the best flight school management system you have to consider a lot and invest a lot of time.

The features of a management software can reduce approx. 40‑100 working hours considering a fleet size of 5‑10 aircraft or simulators. It is incredible what solutions are on the market like a dedicated Simulator Counter solution where you are even able to improve the simulator utilization by up to 10%.

And here comes the challenge there are many providers like local, international, global but which one shall you choose?

Based on years of our experience, clients feedback and needs we have created a free guide with 10 key requirements to your flight school management software provider.

1. Integrity of the solutions

Automated transfer of data is important and save a lot of time. Flight school management software should be integrated for example with a CAMO Software. This means in case you enter the flight once in the Flight School Management System the data goes automatically to the CAMO System and no safety issue is possible due to transfer.

2. Automation of Tasks

Automation of processes is crucial element while reducing the administration time of running a flight school. The flight school management software should be linked for example to an Invoice Software or an ERP provider. This means in case you enter the flight once in the Flight School Management System calculate a balance and the invoice directly will be shown in the students account – just imagine how much time you can save?

3. System à la carte

Each civil aviation authority have some kind of special request like sending invoices above a certain value, send training files when a training
is completed and many more. Rarely you will find a system that will handle all your requirements but the clue is to find a partner that can provide you the feature within a reasonable time and budget.