Welcome AFA serving with our DA42 CBT – save Instructor time & train more pilots

Atlantic Flight Academy is an innovative flight academy in Turkey based at the Dhmi Tekirdag Corlu airpot offering a wide rang of training. Additionally AFA also operates from Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport. AFA is providing innovation in Turkey like being the first academy providing A320 Type Rating. We are very happy about the trust of such an established flight training organisation.

Why AFA choose Evionica DA42 CBT

Oytun Bilgen, General Manager, Atlantic Flight Academy “We are training several hundreds students per year and Evionica DA42 Computer Based Training support our Instructors, Students and Technicians. Our students can learn now anytime with interactive lessons and we save a lot of instructor time.”

Facts about the Academy:

  • Fleet: 22 consisting of Diamond Aircraft DA20, DA40, DA42


  • Training: PPL, IR, CPL, MEP/IR, ATPL, NVFR, JET(JOC), A320 (Type Rating), B737 (Typerating), MCC and more

Why Evionica CBT DA42

While using Evionica DA 42-VI CBT you are having much more flexibility and assure that pilot training is realised more quickly. Further on you are saving hundreds of instructor hours over the year where as Flight School you are able to even train more students. The whole CBT course is delivered on Evionica LMS platform allowing you to verify the progress of the students but als you can see the training results. You will have following benefits:

  • You can save valuable instructor time
  • Students learn independent from place and time
  • Trainings results improved as various variants considered e.g. Twinstar, NG and VI
  • Training Progress Monitoring and Record
  • Evionica Question Bank included (own also possible)
  • Optional: Cockpit Mock with your Academy Logo & Evionica Certificate

How you can even save even more time and growth your flight school

Evionica Flight School Management Software helps flight schools to replace paper documents and automated manual workflows. Comparing to paper, in-house solutions or other suppliers Evionica delivers the highest productivity and allowing more flight hours.

Integrations are also a crucial part of a time saving systems. Here for example we are integrated with an international invoice system provider (Invoiceocean.com) and also have our Evionica CAMO Manager System.

Now comes the great work flow example. When you add a flight to the system you will have a record in the students log-bog, calculate automatically the balance where with one click you can issue an invoice and also transfer safely data to the CAMO Manager. Should you have another system in use Evionica can also integrate with further System Partners.


Automation of Workflows with Systems and Computer Based Training supporting Instructors, Accountable Manager, Head of Training and all other flight school staff. Take the advantage of CBT and Flight School Management System where you will save time meaning allowing you to train more students and also have more profit and revenue. compliance assurance.