Welcome Ardex serving with our state-of-the-art CBT for Diamond DA42 Aircraft

Ardex Flight Training Center is one of Germany’s premier flight schools based at two airports Kyritz and Berlin-Steglitz. For over 38 years Ardex has been offering a wide range of flight services: variety of pilot trainings, business travel, photography and sightseeing flights as well. We appreciate the trust of Ardex.

Facts about Ardex:

  • Fleet: Diamond DA42, Piper 44 Seminole, Piper 28 Arrow, C-172S, Piper 28 Archer, Grob G115C, Tecnam P2002 JF with Garmin 500 glass cockpit, Aquila, C-152

  • Simulator: brand new Elite S923 FNPT II MCC

  • Trainings: ATPL, CPL, EIR, MCC, PPL, MEP/SEP, NVFR, IR/IRI, LPC, Radio Telephony Certificate (BZF II / BZF I / AZF), as well as Differences and familiarisation trainings

Reinhard Krüger, Head of Training, Ardex “Evionica CBT is giving us flexibility for students training and supporting our crucial instructor time”

How to optimize daily workflow at your flight academy?

With the help of Evionica DA42 CBT your students are able to study anywhere: at home, on their way to school or during the brake. Such an approach ensures that the resources needed for the theoretical studying tend to minimum: only tablet or a laptop. There is no longer need in preparation of lectures, tests and final exam – the Evionica DA42 CBT has it all.

Moreover such an approach will ensure that flight instructors could devote much more time to practical trainings, introductory flights and to own hour building, which result in higher intensity of flights with students and to increased professional skills.

Our LMS platform will support you with the following:

  • Control your student’s access

  • Monitor the training progress

  • Automatic course status change

  • Export student’s progress and test reports

  • Learning statistics

Digitalize your training records with Evionica Flight School Management Software

To maintain operational effectiveness, Evionica Flight School Management Software will take care of planning, tracking of students training progress and managing aviation documentation. What is more, the invoicing solution can be integrated so you could create flights invoices in seconds and safe valuable time. Furthermore we offer an integration with Evionica CAMO Manager System and ensure safe data transfer both ways: flight details, aircraft maintenance status, MS validity and ATL details.capacities in regard of your students.


We understand the industry requirements, the high level or standard expected and importance of our customers. We combine unique intellectual property and aviation industry experts knowledge and aim to provide with the end-to-end solution, answering all your questions and even more.