Welcome Lufthansa Aviation Training / European Flight Academy serving with our innovative CBT for DA42‑VI

Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) is one of the leading training organizations for Pilot Training in Europe with 10 locations in Europe and two in the USA with over 60 years of experience in training.

“Evionica is doing a great job and supporting LAT very well especially in nowadays digitalization trend.”

Christian Stock
Head of Training LAT Pilot Academy


The Aircrafts in General Aviation market have all different variants and configuration. Therefor within our development process we consider at the early stage all necessary steps to have a modular solution. This allows us to have different variants as well as configuration of an Aircraft that can be provided to our customers.

Digital Pilot Training

Nowadays pilots have to learn a lot of to get the ATPL(A) license. The Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) as well as Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) are long documents containing a lot of information. According to internal analysis of students survey program the narration had a very positive impact on the training satisfaction that is a crucial element of the whole training process.

“We are proud to work with such reliable and recognized training organization. It is a great success and thanks to my great Team working in Evionica. Future Pilots of the Lufthansa Group will be training on our CBT”

Mateusz Godun
CEO Evionica


The CBT for Diamond Aircraft DA42 is a great training solution allowing students independent but also standardized and high quality training. Currently we are working on our next planes for General Aviation Market.