Cutting time, cutting costs, but never cutting corners. N-VFR briefings now in Best Pilot.

The average worker is said to use 10,000 sheets of paper every year. It is also estimated that we waste 2.5 days each year simply looking for things. Research also suggests that 95% of statistics are made up on the spot (though these ones haven't - trust us!). For flight instructors,10,000 sheets of paper is probably an incredibly conservative estimate and also a cause for concern. Wouldn't it be nice to have everything you need for flight training just a click away, not buried somewhere under piles of files and papers or somewhere on your hard drive? Wouldn't it also be nice to spend less of your time preparing for and going through pre-flight briefings and more time actually up in the air? If this were all possible while staying EASA compliant and not cutting corners, wouldn't that be making far more effective use of your time rather than thumbing through, filling out, then filing yet more paperwork?

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A single click that provides instant access to all your students' training needs, flight details, progress, records, and other such critical information would be the ideal solution. If that solution could reduce the amount of time you spend recording, repeating, revising and reviewing to the time it takes to make a single tap on your mobile device, how much time do you think you would recover in your average day? Well, there's no need to imagine this any longer as it is now a reality. The Best Pilot app allows you to recover the time you maybe thought you had lost.

Many flight schools and instructors already find the Best Pilot app the perfect "time-smart" solution to prepare their students for PPL. From today, they can now find the exact same solution with N-VFR. This is vital in freeing up an instructor's time. Rather than spending a large portion of time in pre-flight briefings on N-VFR, preparing and distributing countless PDF files on the subject, going through the A-to-Z of N-VFR with students while dreaming of being "up there with them" not "down here doing this", with N-VFR in Best Pilot, this is now time that instructors can finally get back.

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Thanks to Best Pilot's vast bank of resources, including standardized pre-flight briefings, easy aircraft booking and instant access to training records, instructors can now focus their time on quality - quality time spent on the ground and most importantly, far more quality time spent in the air.

For those of you familiar with Best Pilot's PPL course, you will be pleased to hear that our N-VFR course follows a similar structure. Broken down into components, exactly the way that EASA likes: Knowledge, Exercise, and Airmanship. Take a look for yourself in the pictures below and imagine how much time you would otherwise spend doing all this yourself:


N-VFR in Best Pilot handles all of the details an instructor would otherwise prepare for and provide in their pre-flight briefings. Making sure the student is ready to fly and fully aware of what they will be doing in the cockpit can take time and often lack structure. Thanks to N-VFR in Best Pilot learners can now be more "flight-ready" by studying N-VFR subjects such as "Black Hole Approaches", "Night Emergency Procedures", "Night Navigation" and "Night Circuits" to name but a few. The instructor will of course choose to verify their trainees' understanding and answer questions about any unclear aspects of the topics, however the amount of time saved in pre-flight briefings is huge.

So, rather than thinking about how time never flies while we're stuck on the ground, thanks to Best Pilot and the new N-VFR course, there is now time to actually fly.

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