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All-in-One package designed for Flight Schools, contains all e-learning courses required for PPL(A), CPL(A) and ATPL(A) licenses, including ATPL(A)CPL(A)PPL(A)BIRCBIRIR, N-VFRPBNUPRTHPA , MEP(L). Click the button below and customize your Training Package.

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Key benefits for Flight Schools:

  • Complex Flight Training from 0 to ATPL(A)

  • One vendor for Class Rating (Cessna, Diamond, Tecnam and Piper)

  • LMS Platform for all training needs

  • Compliant with EASA regulations

  • Always up-to-date syllabus

The best Flight School’s Training Package on the aviation market!

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What are the key features for Flight Schools?

  • Next-generation e-learning courses (interactive, realistic and effective online training)

  • Custom flight school package (select courses required for your student’s complex training

  • All-in-One LMS Platform (all courses are available in one place & from one vendor)

  • All devices with iOS and Android  (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet)

  • Offline & Online access (available at any convenient place and time)

  • Support Team (technical support and training for instructors

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What are pilot’s opinion about Evionica’s CBT?

“Evionica team is doing a great job and their CBT is according to our expectations” 
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor – UAE 


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