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Aviation E-Learning (2)

Master the pre-flight check with our new 3D experience

Evionica’s e-learning pilot courses contain many interactive elements, including slides, animations, 2D and 3D graphics, and videos. We present content in a realistic and user-friendly way to help students experience real aircraft and prepare them better for flying. Evionica’s experts continuously improve our aviation courses by adding new elements and methods of presenting knowledge.

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Courses for pilots created with a client-centered approach

Evionica’s approach to creating CBT courses is client-centered and focuses on clients’ feedback. Our aviation experts not only build modules while abiding by EASA and other respective authority’s rules and regulations but also to accommodate client preferences.

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First flight school in Cambodia, Novation Academy provides Evionica’s CBT for their PPL(A) and ATPL(A) students!

Novation Academy is the first flight school in Cambodia and aims to be the best in the region thanks to advanced facilities, highly-skilled flight instructors, and Simulator Lab. Our mission is “Train Pilots of the Future” and “Aviation + Innovation”. Evionica provides this Training Organization with computer-based training (CBT) for PPL(A) and ATPL(A) student pilots.

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E-learning statistics – learn more about the benefits of distance learning

Technological development has been leading the educational sector to a new digital era. Distance learning offers a different way of learning based on flexibility. Statistics present that implementing a new education model brings better results and many benefits. Today’s generation appreciates computer-based training ensuring study at a self-paced and comfortable place at any convenient time.

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